Some scientific papers by the authors

About umami, deliciousness, and gastrophysics:
The name of deliciousness and the gastrophysics behind it (O. G. Mouritsen, L. Duelund, L. A. Bagatolli, and H. Khandelia) Flavour 2 : 9 (2013).

About the umami receptor:
Molecular mechanism of the allosteric enhancement of the umami taste sensation (O. G. Mouritsen and H. Khandelia) FEBS J. 279, 3112-3120 (2012).

About umami, nutrition, wellbeing, and health:
Umami flavour as a means to regulate food intake and to improve nutrition and health (O. G. Mouritsen) Nutrition & Health 21, 56-75 (2012).

About umami in Nordic seaweeds:
Seaweeds for umami flavour in the New Nordic Cuisine (O. G. Mouritsen, L. Williams, R. Bjerregaard, and L. Duelund) Flavour 1 : 4 (2012).

  • Ole G. Mouritsen & Klavs Styrbæk
    Columbia University Press, New York
    2014. $34.95
    ISBN: 978-0-231-16890-8