The following recipes can be found in Umami: Unlocking the Secrets of the Fifth Taste (O. G. Mouritsen og Klavs Styrbæk) Columbia University Press, 2014.

  • Potato water dashi with smoked shrimp heads
  • Monkfish liver au gratin with crabmeat and vegetables
  • Pearled spelt, beets, and lobster
  • Crab soup
  • Clambake in a pot
  • Patina de pisciculis
  • Garum
  • Quick-and-easy garum
  • Smoked quick-and-easy garum
  • Seriously old-fashioned sourdough rye bread
  • Anchovies, grilled onions, sourdough bread, pata negra ham, and mushrooms
  • Deep-fried eggplants with miso (nasu dengaku)
  • White asparagus in miso with oysters, cucumber oil, and small fish
  • Grilled shōjin kabayaki: ‘fried eel’ made from lotus root
  • Baked monkfish liver with raspberries and peanuts
  • Slow-roasted sauce with tomatoes,root vegetables, and herbs
  • Fried mullet with baked grape tomatoes, marinated sago pearls, and black garlic
  • Mushrooms, foie gras, and mushroom essence

  • Parmesan biscuits with bacon and yeast flakes
  • Harry’s crème
  • Chicken bouillon
  • Green pea soup with scallops and seaweed
  • Dressing with nutritional yeast
  • Eggplant gratinée with garlic, anchovies, and nutritional yeast
  • Oysters au gratin with a crust of nutritional yeast and smoked shrimp head powder
  • Bagna càuda
  • Old-fashioned Danish medisterpølse
  • Beef patties, Danish style
  • Chicken Marengo
  • Cassoulet
  • Beef estofado
  • Sicilian ratatouille
  • Brandade with air-dried ham and green peas
  • Three-day pizza with umami—not really a ‘fast food’
  • Quail pâté
  • Risotto
  • Oxtails braised in wheat beer
  • Umami sorbet with maccha and tomato
  • White chocolate cream, black sesame seeds, Roquefort, and brioche with nutritional yeast

  • Ole G. Mouritsen & Klavs Styrbæk
    Columbia University Press, New York
    2014. $34.95
    ISBN: 978-0-231-16890-8